The Delachaux Group

A family-owned company created in 1902, our aim is to give the best of Delachaux everywhere. Present in technology intensive strategic markets, our brands are recognized global leaders...

Rail Infrastructure & Signalling

The Group is the world leader in mission-critical equipments, services and systems serving the rail infrastructure and signalling sectors.

EDMS & Chromium

The Group is a world-leading specialist in engineered solutions dedicated to Energy & Data Management Systems and Chromium Metal production.


More than 120 years of engineered solutions at your service


Delachaux's success for more than a century has been based on first-class technical expertise and local proximity to ensure the daily satisfaction of our customers throughout the world.

We are recognized for our constant innovation in the field of mobility and our technological expertise, which is based on leading brands in each of the businesses in which we operate.

Driven by the entrepreneurial spirit of the founding family, we are made of empowered teams, constantly progressing and working together to put the customer first.

Guy Talbourdet
Chief Executive Officer


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As market leaders, we also want to lead by example in our practices and have a positive footprint for sustainable development.

Our Identity

Empowered teams
Constantly progressing
And working together to put customer first.

Innovation and Expertise

A legacy of expertise and recognised technological innovation leadership

Modern Slavery Statement


Our Code of Ethics illustrates the Delachaux Group's principles and values.

Operational Excellence

Act as a strong and innovative link in our customers' value chain while controlling the impacts of our operations.

People Development

Foster the well-being and the development of people -in our teams and in the communities around us.


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